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Think city, think local

Global megatrends are reshaping where people live and work and where businesses want to be based. Nowhere feels the impact of these trends more than major cities. So, when it comes to property, should we be thinking city not country? And how do we know where’s hot and where’s not?

European economies levy some of the...

European economies levy some of the highest property purchase taxes in the world on prime real estate, charging on average 4%, or USD 38,356, in tax on a property purchase of USD 1 million, reveals a new study by UHY, a leading international accounting and consultancy network.

Top earners in Western Europe hit...

Eastern Europe and emerging economies offer most generous tax regimes for higher earners. Western European economies hit their highest earners with 25% more in tax than the global average, amounting to just over US$152,406 extra in tax on an income of US$1.5million, according to a new study by UHY, the international accountancy network.

Europe on the road to recovery

Some economic pundits have been questioning whether it’s for real. After all, they’ve witnessed European Union (EU) stagnation, become tired of the EU showdown with Greece, and noted how governments put on an ambitiously brave face…

The challenges of internationalisation

Overseas expansion is usually a logical progression for ambitious enterprises, but successful internationalisation requires careful planning. UHY Global takes a round the world tour through some of the pathways and pitfalls to building a business overseas.

Powerhouse potential - ASEAN

Bold, ambitious and alive with opportunity – the creation of the ASEAN Economic Community could transform the economies of ASEAN countries. As the new economic powerhouse takes shape, UHY Global looks at the prospects for businesses in and beyond the region.

Where start-ups succeed

Every thriving start-up ecosystem is unique, but they all find new and better ways of bringing the right people together

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