Corporate tax

In an increasingly complex tax environment, having a strategy in place is vital for even the most straightforward of businesses.

Taking advantage of opportunities to minimise tax liabilities can deliver significant financial benefits for your business.

In-depth knowledge and understanding of areas, such as transfer pricing polices, tax treatment for start-ups, treatment of capital allowances and utilising R&D credits, can ensure your business is able to invest for growth in the most tax-efficient way.   Advice on methods for deferring tax can also help prevent or deal with cash-flow issues.

UHY member firms provide corporate tax services to clients ranging from major international PLCs to sole traders.

Services cover all aspects of taxation, from preparation and submission of accounts through to tax planning for minimising liabilities on acquisitions and sales.

Specialist tax investigation services are provided to clients with experts from across the UHY network having experience of the most complex of cases.


Through UHY’s global network, clients benefit from expert knowledge of different tax regimes throughout the world.

Our member firms work with many clients to ensure they are optimising the structure of their international operations to be as tax efficient as possible.

As well as ensuring compliance with local legislation, specialists offer informed guidance on possible future changes to taxation regimes to help with longer term planning.


Relation with Tax Authorities could be difficult. Doubts may come in connection with interpretation of tax laws and not rarely tax payers’ points of view are different from Tax Office thoughts.

UHY’s Tax experts assist their clients with preparation and discussion of Tax ruling and have in-depth experience in tax audits, supporting the clients in the dialogue with the Tax Inspectors.

The team of Tax litigators is able to represent their clients before Tax Tribunals in case of tax disputes and eventually to conduct procedures of extrajudicial settlements.


  • Preparing and submitting accounts
  • Taking advantage of exemption
  • Buying or selling a business
  • Taking advantage of tax benefits for start-ups
  • Loss relief planning
  • Capital gains tax
  • Relief for expenditure on intangible assets
  • International tax planning
  • Implementing  transfer pricing polices
  • Mergers and acquisitions tax issues
  • VAT and customs planning
  • Tax planning for ex-pat executives
  • Tax and Customs litigations